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Welcome To Imran Idrees College of Nursing

Imran Idrees continues to provide excellence and leadership in nursing education in Pakistan. The college offers a four-year graduate nursing program and specialized post-nursing diploma programs.


❖ To prepare nurses who can make independent decisions in emergencies and provide comprehensive care to patients.

❖ Enhance the professional growth of nursing students through continued research to maintain the dignity & standard of the nursing

❖ To foster nurses as role models, in a variety of health care settings.

❖ To provide leadership in nursing education, practice, administration, and research.

❖ Identify and resolve problems in nursing education and management to practice knowledge and skills towards better delivery of services for
ailing humanity.

❖ Develop innovative educational models to accelerate the development
of highly competent nurses and improve quality care.

❖ To meet the shortage of qualified nursing personnel particularly in the region and in the country in general.

❖ To demonstrate leadership and managerial skill in clinical/community
health settings.

❖ To utilize the latest technology in providing health care by conducting
nursing research, interpreting, and utilizing the findings in providing
nursing care.


The Imran Idrees College of Nursing is committed to
provide excellence in nursing education through an Interactive,
innovative and conducive learning environment.

We inspire students to become an empathetic healers and values ethical patient care, professional growth and integrity
through contextually relevant training, code of conduct, and research-oriented practice”.


“The Imran Idrees College of Nursing aspires to be a Centre of Excellence in contemporary nursing education, applied research, and evidence-based clinical practice that is aligned with national and international

The students who pass out from this institute will be the essence of nursing and promote the art and science of nursing through a compassionate, collaborative, and culturally sensitive approach”.

Core values of Imran Idrees College of Nursing, SMC.

Inspiring, Motivating and Supportive environment

Innovative teaching strategies

Collaborative and concerted approaches

Open and respectful conduct towards self and others

Nursing leadership and recognition

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